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Vijay Rupani to re-elect as the chief minister of Gujarat.

The Bharatiya Janta Party on Friday decided to continue Vijay Rupani as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The decision was made by the new elected Gujarat MLA’s in a meeting under the observation of senior party leaders Arun Jaitley and Saroj Pandey. The name of Vijay Rupani as the CM of Gujarat was finalized by 99 BJP MlA’s at the party headquarters in Gandhi Nagar. In the polls which took place recently Rupani won the Rajkot West Seat with over 53,000 votes.

Rupani is rewarded for successfully retaining the party hold in Gujarat in the face of anti-incumbency, rural unrest and agitations by various caste leaders. Rupani was chosen as a chief minister last year in the Gujarat elections as BJP had a huge damage control after their previous chief minister Anandiben Patel was seen to be mishandled the massive agitation by Patel for the reservation in government jobs and colleges.

Nitin Patel was chosen as a deputy chief minister of Gujarat for the second time. Nitin Patel won the Mehasan seat with over 90,235 votes. The BJP was the leader of Gujarat State for the past 22 years. They won the recently conducted elections. They won 99 seats out of 182 seats while the opposition party congress won 80 seats. Earlier Rupani along with Patel and other ministers gave their resignations to Gujarat Governor O.P. Kohli at Raj Bhavan.

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First ever transgender toilet got inaugurated in Odisha State.

The Municipal Corporation of Bhubaneswar has constructed their first toilet facility for transgender in Vani Vihar Square. The inauguration of this transgender toilet in Bhubaneswar is the first in the state of Odisha. The inauguration was made by Cultural and Tourism minister Ashok Chandra Panda, The North MLA of Bhubaneswar Priyadarshi Mishra, Mayor and Deputy Mayor Ananta Narayana and K. Shanti. The toilet is a 10 seater toilet with one seat reserved for the transgender.

By making this inauguration Odisha became the third state in the country having a separate transgender toilet. The first and second states to have a transgender toilet were Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. In Madhya Pradesh the transgender toilet was inaugurated in Bhopal city making Bhopal the first city in the India and Madhya Pradesh the first state in India to have a toilet for transgender. Mysore is the second city in India to have a transgender toilet after Bhopal.

On 2nd October Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan inaugurated a transgender toilet in the Mangalwara area. A senor Bhopal Municipal Corporation officer said the toilet was built at a cost of 35 lakh and also has a changing room. Transgender people live large in the Mangalwara locality.

TCS secures $2.25-billion contract from Nielsen.

Tata Consultancy Services popularly known as TCS has bagged a fresh $2.25 billion contract from television ratings company Nielsen. The deal which was made between TCS and Nielsen is the largest ever deal secured by an Indian IT company. The contract will be their till 2025. The relation between TCS and Nielsen began in 2007 with a 10 year contract at a rate of $1.2 billion. This $1.2 billion contact between TCS and Nielsen has been further extended till 2020 taking the total value of the contact to a huge volume of $2.5 billion.

This fresh contract between TCS and Nielsen comes as a big boost for TCS growth as TCS has slipped into single digits. This contract will help TCS to set up a strong base for the upcoming years. Now TCS will provide Nielsen with the services relating to information Technology, Business process outsourcing, client service knowledge process outsourcing, management sciences, analytics and financial planning.

TCS acquired Citigroup Global Services, the outsourcing business processing arm of Citi for approximately $505 million. In the year 2001 TCS bagged UK based subsidiary Diligenta for a 15 year deal having a worth of $2.2 billion.

TCS in the year 2012 has went passed Reliance Industries in valuation. For the next seven to eight months both TCS and Reliance were neck and neck, but TCS took off and continue widening the gap till 2015. In the year 2017/18 Reliance Industries took over TCS after it business got raised heavily.

Source: Indian Express